Elton John

A Big congratulations to my dear friend Elton John, on his new album with T-Bone Burnette! Give it a listen, it’s really fantastic!
Funny story about Elton. We used to tour the same stadium circuit back in the 70’s, and did a lot of charity things together. Well, me and the boys used to tease ol’ Elton about being a little gay. Now this is back when Elton was married, and we had no idea that he actually was gay, otherwise, we would have never teased him about it, cuz that just aint right! Well, here comes 1988, and Elton comes out in Rolling Stone magazine, and MAN, was there egg on my face! Well, I felt so darn bad, I sent him a nice little letter of apology, as well as congratulating him on his coming out, and just letting him know that I totally support him. Well, it’s Christmas time, so I ask my secretary to get him a little something nice to send along with it. Now, she doesn’t know what the letter is about, so what does she do, but goes and buys him a great big Fruitcake, and sends it along with the letter! I was so furious when I found out, I flipped the whole goddamn conference table over! I called Elton Immediately afterwords to apologize, and he was real nice about it, and we had a real good laugh!